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Third project - Group Experience

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Performance Group Exercise


Week after spring break - warm up on Monday March 17, Rituals performed on Wednesday March 19th



Invent a set of instructions for the class to follow simultaneously.


Pick one sense to focus on:



Touch     Sight      Smell      Taste       Hearing     Motion     Intuition


Pick a space outside our classroom where this ritual will take place:


Invent a ritual that heightens our awareness of that sense. We can all follow the same instructions, or you can divide the class into groups.  The ritual can last anywhere from instantaneously to a half an hour, but needs to help us become especially aware of the space and of one of our senses.


Silliness is not prohibited but, if used, should be part of the goals of the work.


Warm Up #1


Spend 15 minutes with your group discussing secular rituals in your life.  Do you do things in the morning a certain way every day?  Do you keep certain things in a particular place as a comfort to you?  Why do you think it comforts you?  Do certain objects have particular meaning because of some memory that you have connected to the object?  Do you do certain actions for good luck, or to remember someone special to you or for other reasons?


Warm Up #2


With your group, go for a half hour sensory walk.  Try to communicate only with gestures and not talking.  Explore the campus.  Find interesting paths to take or places to explore that you’ve never had time to check out before.  Try to become aware of all your senses.


What do you notice today?  Meet back at the classroom.




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