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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 12 months ago

this is where i will track my progress:


16 jan 2008


so far for the first assignment i have thought about making a two part sculpture.  i'm not sure if it's a new media/interactive idea, so that's where i'm focusing for the next couple of days.



i want to actually build these pieces, even if they are just prototypes, so hopefully i can get a sketch up here.


to warm up i searched wikipedia for: new media and on google: teleidoscope and the human eye.  i looked at a diagram of the human eye on howstuffworks.com then I went back to wikipedia and searched for vitreous.


17 jan 2008


today i looked at google again for fish eye.  then i looked at wikipedia's pages on the fisheye lens and fisheye projection.   i'm thinking about creating a makeshift  fisheye lens out of glass.


Rosey:  This is really interesting.  Thanks for charting this process.  Keep it up!  Colleen



22 jan 2008


thanks Colleen! after working with these ideas in my head and attempting to make and photograph some models, i am stuck at the sketch stage.  there is a lot to think about when i break my idea down.  my idea for cresendo requires some computer know how and i don't even know what computer program i would use to create the video effect involved.  i guess i have come to a technical challenge i would need help with.  my idea for decresendo is simply a physical object to be interacted with, a little magic, but no wires involved.


23 jan 2008


scratch that.  i thought these projects were due this week and i was wrong.  i have sketches for class if we get to that.  i'm going to work the computer problem out by working in the real world. 



05 feb 2008


well i never actually showed my sketches during the crit.  i am still struggling with whether it is interactive enough or at all... so i'm looking forward to the discussion on that in class tomorrow.  i hit a point of minor frustration with this project because i cant just walk down to the woodshop and remake the box i've already put the time and effort into.  the box that i've got is too small for the parts i want to fit in it.  so what now?  do i remake the parts so that they fit the box or do i remake the box so that it fits the parts?  did i come close to the assignment?  is this idea worth pursuing?  haha that's where i'm at.  i need to just DO.  i want to focus my attention back the video project from last semester.  i really want to reshoot some scenes and re-edit the whole thing.




11 Feb 2008



The Whitney is one of the foremost Museums with a contemporary collection.  Every other year they curate a collection of "the best of the best" when it comes to fine art.  Every now and then I hear people say "did you see what made the whitney???"  I thought it would just be interesting to look around at the new media art that made the last biennial since the next one is coming up, so i saved the link here for myself. 



13 Feb 2008


i'm nervous about the crit today.  i tried to get a separate space for my piece to be installed but because school was cancelled, i'm not sure if i was sucessful.  also, during the first leg of this assignment, i wasn't sure if a physical embodiment of this idea would ever take place, so i was using a lamp from home to convey the form and lighting that i needed.  i have been having complications with my glasswork, but this monday i finally made a piece that could replace the lamp, but because of all this ice everywhere, i didn't get to cold work it and install it; i just know it exists.  i got a lot of homework done for my other classes today, but i had planned to orchestrate this piece for crit.  i'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly.


for my craft theory homework, i read that fine art has placed the senses of the eye and ear above the rest.  i'm concerned about my work because it is purely visual and it may be lacking some kind of audio.  my hope is that people will hear what they see as the piece is cont.



Feb 2008 ArtNews' Cover Story; The Newest in New Media: "all the web's a stage": http://www.artnewsonline.com/issues/article.asp?art_id=2443┬Ąt=True

3-4-08 Colleen - Rosey I'm looking for a thesis topic here.   

14 Mar 08



i might like to focus on one of four technologies for my research paper: mirrors, pumps, solar power, or touch.  i have an idea for a piece i'd like to do with water pumps and resistance sensors, so my research would be self serving there.  when we went over the assignment in class my initial response was to focus on the mirror as a tecnological advance---psychologically the mirror has had an incredible impact on mankind---but the mirror doesn't require any wires or mechanics (besides incredible chemicals) so i'm not sure if it fits the assignment very well.  lastly, it could be interesting to focus on bouncing between art and science when it comes to solar power, or other equipment for producing energy----like endless kinetic aparati.  i've got some paring down to do.  also, i'll be going through the links you provided, colleen, because i feel like i need to research a little to get to a more interesting topic, my topic ideas so far seem a little ... i don't know... generic... i guess.


 21 Apr 08


for the final project i want to do a cluster of video clips.  i'm using the movie that i made last semester as my jumping off point.  i'd like to get a good mix of naturally occuring scenes and scenes that i will orchestrate on my own with fire and vaccum forming. 


two scenes that i want for sure from nature are a bird landing or taking off and water dripping from up really high.


the other scenes are hopefully going to have a good balance of light and dark.



im making a juxtapose between nature and the architecture of our thoughts and being.

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