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Kyle and Rosey

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 Project Two-

  • Criteria
    • kinetic sculpture/installation/performance/expirience
    • pico cricket
    • motor output
  • Brainstorming
    • possible responses to induce
      • anxiety
      • concern
      • suspence
      • help
      • aid
      • reaction
      • intensity
    • 1st Action Scene (lure)
    • 2nd Responce changes data  (bite)
    • possible situations
      • elephants/peanuts
      • dogs and cats
      • emergency situation
      • war/gunfare
      • bathtub toaster cart
      • swimming machine that uses conductivity of water to move
      • Two machines: one emits sound and reacts to light with motion, the other emits light and reacts to sound with motion; they dance together or with you if you provide the proper input.
  • Class Progress Wed 20 Feb 2008
    • Scratch the situation and focus on a movement
    • Challenge of working vertically
    • Build and test model
  • Colleen:  Can we hack a stronger motor for this project?  It looks like we will need to do that.
  • Hdub: scout out some wheels


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