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Kristen Allen

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*Research Paper Thesis - "For mankind the ability to breath underwater is not in the human body anatomy.  But technology developed today provides humans the chance to experience the vast underwater worlds first hand."




*Final Project - I would like to create a project that is layed out in the MAKE Magazine- building a puppet out of two zip drives.





Project Title: Puppet out of Zip Drives


Steps to Complete: Dismanteling zip drives, organizing parts needed, some drilling, glueing, and eventually attaching all the parts to create the puppet.


Questions/Problems to Solve:  Where to get some zip drives without paying too much.


To Be Completed by:


Monday 4/14 - work in class


Wednesday 4/16 - work in class


Monday 4/21 - work in class


Wednesday 4/23- finishing- adding the final touches


Monday 4/28 - It's ready for critique




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