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King Tubby

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King Tubby (1941-1989)




Born in Kingston, Jamaica


Began working as radio repair man in the 1950's.


Fixed the sound systems that would be played for dances on the streets of Kingston. (They had many problem due to the weather and vandalizism from rival sound system owners)


He decided to build his own system in 1968 called "Tubby's Home Town Hi-Fi" which quickly began a favorite amongst the people of Kingston


Around that time he started working as a disc cutter for record producer Duke Reid. Some DJ's would request instrumental versions of songs so Tubby dropped out the vocals using a mixing desk.

He began using the mixing desk and some primitive effects equipment to create some of the first remixes. He is sometimes considered the father of the remix.





These remixes became know as dub. The dub that King Tubby first made has a strong emphasis on drums and bass and usually is instrumental sometimes with injections of voices or other recorded sounds like gunshots all altered with atmospheric reverb, echo, phases, and other effects. Many times a DJ would play a dub song and rhyme and/ or chant over it called "toasting." A precursor to hip-hop.


Dub became hugely popular in the 1970's shortly after its introduction.


Using his electronics skills, Tubby custom built mixing and effects equipment.


Due to time constraints Tubby would often have to play his equipment like an instrument as it was being recorded.


His signature sound is very atmospheric.


Artist began having Tubby record dub versions on there songs and putting them on the b-sides of their albums.


King Tubby was shot and killed in 1989 outside his home. It is believed that he was the victim of a botched robbery.










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