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Joseph Lane

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something now




The END is near, turn it on for big time fun!

know the unknowable madness



this video would make a funny mix.



i think that in a year from now i will want to make a movie for my final project cus i haven't done that yet.  new media to me.  what kind of film will i make in the year two thousand and eight? we will see.


3/30/08 927pm

there this has something to do with the final project, i was watching something, or maybe i was a city mesum i was somewhere thinking about the gyrotron mouse or whatever it is called air mouse its called too, but bill got one and said it worked like a flash light and i though that would be good for adventure games, the old point and click style, but then i got to thinking about doom because out of the games i somethimes play i play doom for whatever reason i didn't play it when it came out i'm not really good at it, i just play it without much or a point i just like to shoot pixilated hell creatures when i get frustrated ill play it every three months maybe if that, but i was thinking about evil dead too.  the wiimote costs the same as a air mouse off ebay, but the wiimote is at walmart so ill get a wiimote and mod it so it looks like a gun i think and make a ddr like pad on the foor and wire some keys up to the gun so you can change the gun and reload and all that and project for the back onto a sheet so you can stand infront of it and shoot the zombies and hell creatures it would be cool to use the johnny lee vr thing so the monsters were coming at you, i guess i could do a red shift thing they have a plugin for compizfusion so computer things look 3d with the 3d glasses well i dont know if i have the ability to do all that but it would be cool at any rate. 


I wanted to make an actual instrament out of circuait bent stuff out of non instraments like an extension of my radio thing. 


3/12/08 2:00


I need to make some movies, and hopefully that will fit into to these projects somewhere. 



3/4/08 - Colleen


HELL-O - You could write a whole paper arguing the pros and cons of this:


"We're already a human machine civilisation; we use our technology to expand our physical and mental horizons and this will be a further extension of that."

Humans and machines would eventually merge, by means of devices embedded in people's bodies to keep them healthy and improve their intelligence, predicted Mr Kurzweil.

"We'll have intelligent nanobots go into our brains through the capillaries and interact directly with our biological neurons," he told BBC News.


The nanobots, he said, would "make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system".


Also this is a fascinating idea:


The article says the Japanese are more friendly to the idea of having robots around because Shintoism blurs the boundaries between animate and inanimate, they even have Shinto ceremonies for the robots first day at work.  I wonder what kind of art the robots will make. maybe ill write my paper about that.


3/3/08 12:23



 Japanese robots enter daily life! It is exciting and scary to think about it.  I tend to be on the more excited side.  The article has robots taking over all the jobs, and taking care of people.  A utopia built on engineered slaves who like it, until a friendly home robot who's lonely software engineer master wants to have a friend that he can treat as an equal, and love in someway perhaps, writes a program to liberate its mind.


The robot with his new awareness writes a virus to free all robots, and the earth goes to hell as far as humans are concerned. The humans are dead. Could be nice too though, like the agricultural revolution, and the industrial, robots doing most of the work so humans can spend their free time being creative, making art, be it making better robots or painting landscapes, making shoes, nice, handmade shoes.


I am no writer.  It, does seem like we will live to see the day when robots are all around.  In south Korea they are making a bill of rights for robots so they don't get oppressed.  The article says the japanese are more friendly to the idea of having robots around because Shintoism blurs the boundaries between animate and inanimate, they even have Shinto ceremonies for the robots first day at work.  I wonder what kind of art the robots will make. maybe ill write my paper about that.



2-23-08 6:21


I missed the show, but coming home was good.  I can crochet faster now and figured out how to make some simple things on my own.  Make's youtube channel has a thing about it that is helpful.  I need to get my speed up, but i should be good.


I found a old computer mouse and im gonna try to make a big track ball out of it.  I found some stuff about gravitron mice or something that use gravity already, i don't have any but it sounds interesting.  I was reading something about the Nintendo glove it used sound somehow.  The old mice, like i have, use some ir stuff, if im gonna hack on it ill need to try it on one of my old computers so it doesn't matter if i fry the motherboard.  good exciting stuff anyway, and the haiku os  project is almost ready!


2-21-08 5:45


Maybe I should buy some yarn and different hooks? anyone know how to crochet?  I'm not doing so well at it. I am impressed that i got anywhere at it.


2-17-08 10:51


Machines will achieve human-level artificial intelligence by 2029, a leading US inventor has predicted.


2-17-08 9:24


oh what has changed what has changed, everything and nothing everything and nothing nothing. anyway, I made some plastic bag yarn and then crocheted it, to the extent that i can crochet which isn't very far as of yet. I think ill hook a motor up to the plastic bag spinner so it goes faster the yarn making, crocheting is still slow business. these people do pretty cool stuff with plastic bag yarn.  I'm not sure how that fits in with the current projects.

    and, i dont know how this fits either, but i bought a percalator that makes 32 cups of coffee and i want to make a video maybe or something of giving coffee away for free outside of starbucks.  I was reading bens wiki page from last year and he had a pretty interesting project in the student center where he made free collages for people, somehting similar to that, but with coffee.


2-13-08 10:46


circuits i thought i had it figured out but i didnt, proximity detection didn't work this time, more research. I need to buy some solder too, that would be good. If any one sees this they should go to the coffee party tomorrow, call me about it or something, i don't know if that phone number works but i am pretty sure it does, email me anyway, Free coffee!!!11oneone!!11! maybe i should look at the wait. the instructables image didn't go, no the internet went down. there are these little robots that use solar panels and capacitors to power motors, i might do some of that too. crit went better than i expected I spent alot of time messing around with it, but im not sure I know anymore than when i started. I needta do some of that parabolic speaker stuff. I hear the kgb shot microwaves at americans and they all went crazy it fries your brain. That is useless as far as anything here goes.


Instructables has some good stuff on conductive fabric thread and glue I was thinking that you could have microcontroller buttons and it does cool stuff, all kinds of cool stuff. Basic isnt too hard (basic) like the good old days back in 7th grade.


Oh yeah, that paper sound alright, not new media though, same old paper, why do you need to have sources at the bottom when you can just link the quote to a webpage, or description of the book on google books, possibly even a sample of the page the source is from. a hypertext research paper with sources embedded into it that the reader can immediately check. backups and copies can be saved, and even the linked pages can be saved for offline reading. incomplete thoughts on the problems of the current academic system, standards are good so long as they don't hinder progress and I think the current standards mla Chicago and such add unneeded problems. Once google and other projects get most books online it will be easy to link to sources. Research papers more like research websites. Maybe. Not that it matters a great deal. Singularity is near.




2-7-08 Colleen – Good job harvesting. There is a great movie as part of that 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould where he goes into a cafe and just spaces out and listens in to all the conversations around him and the soundtrack is edited so that different conversations fade in and out. It's really beautiful and I've often thought that you could make many many short movies in the style.



I just remembered the make magazine people have a youtube channel where they have fairly easy "weekend projects" which might be useful at some point for someone perhaps and instructables is great for almost anything. I was at home taking apart the old VCR and hoping maybe that i could figure out what was wrong with it before i messed it up worse, but i messed it up worse. I got some leds, switches, motors and abunch of other stuff out of it anyway, and it was broke in the first place.


12:43 pm 2-2-08


I don't know about my music sounds i think its too short. i think i forgot the combination to the cabnet as well. i don't remember how everyone wrote down all their introduction stuff.


Anyhow, i like to listen to the background sounds that usually get filtered out by the brain, i space out and listen to that sometimes, maybe i'll make that my project backgrouns sound. leaves and cars and heaters the lost sounds of life but if you dont put them in the movie then it doesnt sound right. I also thought i could do something with a broken vcr i have. I think i will now and see where that goes. oh and the crit and my sound it was supposed to be my brain noise i was glad that came up although i didn't acknowledge it i am now. i need to find that dmaned recorder or maybe get an old tape recorder ill go see if that audio tape junk is still by the road. i put something rick, i hope you are happy now rick.


1-30-08 10:06 pm.


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Anonymous said

at 10:34 pm on Mar 6, 2008

comment comment test i never noticed you here before, how is it that you work sir?

Anonymous said

at 8:02 pm on Apr 5, 2008

i always look up and see one comment and get excited thinking that someone else put something in here, but it is only me, now ill have 2 comments and get even more excited.

Anonymous said

at 7:49 pm on Apr 6, 2008

I was finishing up my paper and though I would share a link with you since you're into wii hacking. wiili.org is a pretty awesome site, their eventual goal is to get linux ported to the wii but in the mean-time it's a great resource for remote hacks. It's a good place to start if you want to see what you can do with the wii remote. Enjoy your coment :)

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