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game shows


Main idea: gameshow like setup involving food. needs fleshing out.


~Ian - Since the project is supposed to be about ritual I think from what we've talked about we could do something with the ritual of ordering food. Set up some kind of contest where the goal is to subvert the traditional ordering ritual to recieve something unique/strange/delicious etc.


Possible instructions:

1: go to a food serving establishment of your choice where you will order food to be prepared for you (no buffet/salad bar)

2: order the most unique/strange/delicious food you can think of placing emphasis on the clarity of your interactions with the person taking your order and/or preparing the food (please remember to be courtious)

3: return to a designated location and take turns briefly presenting your creation as it was given to you (sampling if the owner approves)

4: hold a brief vote to decide most unique, strangest, most delicious, and best in show.

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