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Ian McCall

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Ian McCall



Project 4: Dialup

An audio/video piece about memory/nostalgia using modem handshakes.

You can help. Go to the project page and follow instructions.



Project 1: Cresendo Decresendo


A Flash and Max/MSP are used to interperet input from a Wii Remote to control sound



Project 2: Fuzzy unhappy things

Collaborative project with Kathleen Reeder using the pico cricket. We were both interested in the (pleasant <---> unpleasant) and (digital <---> analog) dichotomies.


Project 3: Ritual

Ritual involving ordering food



actionscript (this is the file I showed on the last day using actionscript to manipulate movieclips in flash)


Research Paper:

Thesis: The Nintendo Wii as a tool for making interactive media/art. Topics explored will include; the blurring of simulation of actions and the actions themselves, videogames as art, wiimote hacking for use as an input device.


"The Nintendo Wii has introduced a fundamental change in the way that people interact with and think about games and simulations, but its impact reaches beyond video games; it is also signifigant as a low-cost input device which can be used in kinetic art, computer simulation, machine interface/control or any other  utilization of motion input or output."


3/4/08 - Colleen - Remember this is a persuasive essay so you'll have to argue pros/cons or true/not true - is it a fundamental change?


3/5/08 - Colleen - Have you checked this out? http://gizmodo.com/337068/wii-headtracking-creates-3d-window-display

3/7/08 - Ian -  Yes, I was actually planning on using Johnny Lee as my artist for my presentation.


Artist Presentation: Johnny Chung Lee




(Please sign and date comments for clarity)


4/3/08 - Rick -      Here is a link to an article about the Wii remote.



2/7/07 – Colleen – good goals for the project 1 update - devil is in the details, how is that coming?  Project 2 - is that because you're interested in the semantics that the machines have to meet?  Or is it the sounds that intrigue you?  Somehow I made your text small.


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thanks for the comment, sorry it took me so long, but it didn't send an email to tell me about it and i guess i'd given up on it.

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