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First Project

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Your first assignment, due Monday January 28th is to do an artwork using the concept of:


crescendo and decrescendo.


Etymology of crescendo: Italian, from crescendo, adjective, increasing, gerund of crescere to grow, increase, from Latin, Date: 1775


1 a: a gradual increase; specifically : a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage b: the peak of a gradual increase



Etymology of decrescendo: Italian, literally, decreasing, from Latin decrescendum, gerund of decrescere, Date: 1877


1 : a gradual decrease in volume of a musical passage 2 : a decrescendo musical passage



What am I talking about?


This is an open, conceptual assignment, which means that you may work in ABSOLUTELY ANY MEDIUM OR COMBINATIONS OF MEDIA.

It is a short assignment which means that it may be a simple project or a detailed sketch of an idea. 

We will be sharing them on the 28th as a way to get to know each other’s interests as artists.

I recognize that this is an unusual way to make an assignment.

The concept may not be totally clear to you but  -- wrestle with it. 

What kind of project could you do that uses or talks about the concept? 

The terms are musical, but all kinds of forms can have music as an influence.

Therefore think broadly:  You could do a video, animation, collage, painting, piece of music, performance or a dance – ANYTHING. 

Try to combine mediums if at all possible. 

Try to do something that you know really well, combined with something you don’t know about but are interested in.


For inspiration, I want you to watch a televised performance by the band Polyphonic Spree

This is an unusual band with 26 band members and a policy of being infectiously positive. 

In their performances, they use many liturgical (religious) mannerisms and metaphors,

so that they almost appear to be a religion or a cult. 

They are mysterious about this mode of operation though, so it is unclear whether this is truly a cult or simply a sophisticated performance.

I saw them last summer in Minneapolis and thought it was one of the tightest pieces of theater I had ever seen. 


Think about CRESCENDO and DECRESCENDO as you watch this video. 

How do they use it to heighten the affect of their performance? 

How do you find yourself reacting to the ebb and flow? 

Think about how you might work with CRESCENDO/DECRESCENDO visually?  Aurally?  Kinetically?  With Color?  Shape?  Language?


There is some more info about this band at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Polyphonic_Spree

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