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Ian McCall



Project 1: Crescendo and Decrescendo

Concepts and related ideas: Anticipation, extrasensory perception, imagination

Randomness; perception of order and patterns within randomized data

Overflow, ebb/flow, pulse, tide, seasons, day/night, misc. natural cycles


Try it out, 417k genesis version

I am looking for suggestions of other audio samples to use.


Your mouse controls the rate at which the clips play.

When centered the clips play one after another.

Moving toward either white circle decreases time between clips resulting in an overflow past the center.

Moving toward the blue circles increases time between clips.


More recent 1.4mb forest animals

Most recent 337k rain/thunder


Source Code
var dura=0

soundPlay = new Sound();
  max = 100;
  min = 1;
  rndClip =(Math.round(Math.random()*(max-min))+min);


I may want to use a wii remote to control the mouse via darwiin-remote

I bought 2 infrared LEDs and an LED work light, now I need to solder the IR LEDs into new housing to use it for position tracking.

I will be using the motion tracking rather than IR.




Crit went well, I may have a brief video to post soon. I am going to continue the ideas explored, primarily the use of the Wii Remote inside of a sphere as an input device. I am working in Max/MSP now, rather than in Flash. I am relying primarily on the wonderful Wii Remote interface patch by Masayuki Akamatsu, and am experimenting with using the accelerometer data gathered to manipulate sound in various ways.


My goals in refining this project include making the relationship between the user's interactions and the sound produced more tangible/obvious/intuitive, creating a regulating mechanism for the sounds so that crescendos do not escalate to the point where decrescendo is unachievable/difficult, and trying to draw from a more diverse sample library.




Max/MSP is proving to be much more useful in making a responsive and interesting system for transforming motion into sound. I have cannibalized one of the example patches which pitch shifts audio samples to a midi scale where the scale is mapped to the wii remote's motions. Right now my two issues to resolve before crit figuring out how to use ~buffer so that I can load in custom samples instead of the default samples that the original patch used and constructing system of bangs and counters to control cresendo/decresendo.



Okay, I'm posting my final-ish path that I will be demoing in crit here: CresPatch to use it with a wii remote you will need the Wii Remote interface patch by Masayuki Akamatsu, you may also want to have some AIFF or WAV sounds to try out in place of the defaults. If you don't have a wii remote you could hook up 'drunk' to approximate the effect.


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